Capital Land Cruiser Club
The Capital Land Cruiser Club is a family oriented club for all Toyota 4x4 off-road enthusiasts
CLCC is registered with the IRS as a non-profit 501c7 Social Club
Actually, if your vehicle has a transfer case or you are curious about off-roading, you are welcome to join us.
Somebody pinch me, it's finally here. What was a crazy daydream in June of 2009 is now a reality. I dared to dream that if I put my money where my mouth is and offered up a running Fj40 to the TLCA, they could use it not only as a fundraiser, but as a rallying point for that special kind of community it so often claims to offer. Five years later the truck you see before you is a testament to all the organization is...and isn't.

New friendships were made, and some old ones tested. Egos clashed like a truck on a rock pile. The project sputtered, then stalled, then miraculously came back to life again, just like good old engines that run many of our Land Cruisers often do. Not enough can be said about the sheer tenacity of the Capitol Land Cruiser Club and the truck's ultimate defacto chairman Jon Sourbeer. Individually and collectively they reminded us again and again of the truth that the TLCA is really nothing more or less than the will and the energy of its members.

Wherever men and women gather together for a common purpose, there is tremendous potential for good things to happen. The Capitol Land Cruiser Club, and all those who joined in this endeavor, have proven once again the old adage that actions speak louder than words and, leading by example, should remind us all what we can accomplish when we choose to commit ourselves to a common purpose. There are many lessons to be learned here, including a few for me. Thank you one and all for sharing my dream and thank you even more for helping make it a reality.

Mark A.

A letter to CLCC from Mark Algazy regarding the Raffle Truck